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my friend has a flashlight from there. paid like $30USD, and claims its a LED, same as my PD32UE’s one, but it looks no where near mine at all. it has all lines showing up on the LED when on, on a wall. all purple and all mad colours…

Light looks like SZOBM ZY-602 XM-L Now, I assume you somehow had two Li-Ions inside because you wrote “removed the batteries” and “one was visibly scorched”. On DX website it says input voltage 3.7-4.2V, digitally regulated 2.8A…

Характеристики светодиода XM-L . Бывшие недавно в лидерах, мощные светодиоды XLamp серии XP плавно сдают позиции, уступая путь более совершенным экземплярам серии XM-L и XM-L2.

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