size in mm cree t6 flashlight



Function: Shock Resistant. Body Color: Black. Model of LED Beads: . Focal Length: Non-adjustable. Type: Hike. Model Number: SY-01. Bulb: 9x XM-L LED. Max output: 12000 Lumens. Power by: 4× 18650 3.6v/3.7v battery. ():: 135 × 55(bezel)/50(body).

Its tiny – the whole unit is just 5 square – means it can be built into the most compact and still give amazing performance.

Name (CM) Weight(G) Luminous flux Range Function Zoom Protection. Accessories. XML- (B)2.3*(H)3*(L)11.6 140 1000lm 200-400M 3 step ,SOS,Burst YES IP68.

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